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Ric Smith

I’m married to the wonderful Heather and we have an energetic pre school son called Eli. We live in Bury and are active members of The Bridge Church in Bolton. 

I’ve been involved with CEHC for as long as I can remember and I can’t overstate how important a role it has played in my life. We used to go on big family holidays to the centres when I was younger and it was the highlight of my year. As I got older I continued going with my friends and I also used to work at one of the centres during my school/ university holidays… and then have a holiday in the same place! Where else would that happen? 

Many of my closest friendships were formed through CEHC and in 1998 I met the girl who would go on to be my wife at one of the former centres. It was also whilst on one of these holidays that I gave my life to Jesus in 1993 so I strongly believe in the potential for great things to happen through CEHC. 

I’ve had so many happy times at the centres and I’m excited about my new role and what God has planned for the future. Hopefully our paths will cross soon. 


I am from a Christian family with very strong Christian, prayerful, Jesus-loving parents and am the third of five children. Born in Kent, and situated in Lancashire (by Gods calling), I am a passionate Christian and know the importance of the hope and love of Jesus to the world.  My background has been predominantly in a business environment from a flagship Manager in a top end designer store in the heart of London’s Regent Street to currently working for an engineering company as a Business Manager. On the other end of the spectrum, I have experience as a pastoral worker, and know the importance of supporting our brothers and sisters who suffer, spiritually, mentally, physically in all spheres. My path consistently runs alongside these areas with an empathy and love for people (all nationalities) and in all occupations from those at the top to grassroots level. My heart is to bring the Christian ethos (word, action and deed) into all environments especially business and reveal the hope that is in (and only in) Jesus. 


My jobs (by the grace of God) have been somewhat varied and unique as I also have strong creative skills, which led me to start up depagraphics.com in 2016; A Christian/Messianic Design Company with a vision to bring Christ-centred graphic and art solutions to Churches, missions and organisations.  These multi-faceted gifts and skills within the various faith related, creative, business and commercial sectors are to be used for the Kingdom of God for His Glory. I am so pleased I can bring these gifts to CEHC and look forward to growing together rooted in our beloved saviour. I am amazed how loving, gracious and merciful God is by those who love Him in Jesus. I have seen God work in my life through ups and downs and often in weakness He big time delivers. Who wouldn’t want to know him! 


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