Beechwood Court 100 Year Anniversary

Beechwood Court 100 Year Anniversary

Beechwood Court celebrated a very special birthday in 2022.

100-year celebration

On Saturday 11 June 2022 we celebrated the centenary with afternoon tea and fellowship. We revisited old memories and look forward to the next 100 years!

Photo archives

Our archivist prepared an exhibition for the centenary and continues to develop our archives. We kindly ask that if you have any photos through the years could you forward any digital copies on via email to

Stay At Beechwood Court

Marilyn Baker & Tracey Williamson Ministry – The Pleasaunce

Marilyn Baker & Tracey Williamson Ministry – The Pleasaunce

The joy of His coming: an advent conference celebrating the wonder of Immanuel, God with us.


27 November – 1 December 2023.


4-nights’ full board at The Pleasaunce. Prices are for both Standard & en-suite rooms.

  • Standard room: £383 per person,
  • En-suite room: £439 per person.


Come to The Pleasaunce and join together through the music and teaching of Marilyn Baker and Tracey Williamson. Marilyn Baker and Tracey Williamson would love you to join them for this special advent conference to prepare our hearts to welcome the coming of Jesus.

Blind almost from birth, Marilyn has an amazing gift of gospel singing. Tracey Williamson is deaf and has a real gift of speaking. Be blessed by Marilyn’s music and sharing and Tracey’s teaching and prophetic gift. You will find yourself drawn into God’s love and be challenged to open your heart in new ways to His presence. For any information about Marilyn and Tracey’s ministry visit

Leader & Host

Marilyn Baker and Tracey Williamson

Check availability

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to help at one of our centres?

“I had the opportunity to improve my language, meet new people, new cultures and connect more with God.”
Isadora Melo

We are looking for people either from the UK or abroad who are interested in volunteering in our Christian guest houses, extending their faith, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Do you have the skills to help us? Get in touch by emailing us.