Help Christian Endeavour Holiday Centres run smoothly

Join our team and volunteer

We welcome people from the UK and around the world at any time of the year to come and join the teams serving at our centres in North Wales and North Norfolk.

Volunteers are invited to join us for between a few weeks up to one year. Residential volunteers receive free food and accommodation for the duration of their stay and a small amount of pocket money each week. They will be expected to serve our guests, keep the house and gardens well maintained, and enjoy their time together as part of the communal rhythm of prayer, service and worship. We accept those who are seeking to follow Jesus, to serve others and to work alongside those of other cultural backgrounds.

Volunteer team members will be involved in Christian worship, daily bible readings and discussions both at the centre and in local churches.

Volunteers have the opportunity to improve their English by daily usage and, at some times in the year, may be able to take English lessons.

Any Questions

You probably have a lot of questions about volunteering with us. To help you please look at the FAQs – they’ll give you lots more information.


Latest news

We now have a small number of places available to join our teams this year, so if you are interested in volunteering with us, please send an Expression of Interest, stating why you are interested in applying to be a volunteer. Include a CV if you have one to: volunteers@cehc.org.uk

We will then reply to you and send you all the application details, if appropriate.

Please do not send your enquiry to the email address of our centres; your enquiry will not be considered and you will receive no reply.